Project 365 - Week 4 (April 22-28)

As the cabinets quickly emptied out, we knew grocery day was drawing near. Do you remember grocery day? Whether you went with your mom or anxiously awaited her arrival back home, it was always so exciting to empty out the perfectly packed bags and discover the treasures that lie within. I always wanted to have just a little taste of everything that was brought home. Ok, maybe not everything, but at least all of the sweet treats!

It turned out to be quiet the busy week checking the oil in the cars, feeding the horses, and helping caterpillars find their way to the most delicious of leaves, it was a good thing we had a cabinet full of food to fuel those hungry tummies!

Day 22/365 "Grocery Day"

No matter what she discovered in those bags, that look never left her face the entire time she helped unpack and restock the shelves.


Day 23/365 "Morning Snuggles"

When someone realized that she got out of bed a little too early...


Day 24/365 "The Tongue"

Have you ever seen such a tongue? She thought it was hilarious as he kept fishing for a treat that he had already eaten!


Day 25/365 "Some New Friends"

The girls discovered three tiny little caterpillars while playing on the chairs in the yard. They thought it would be nice to place them on the brightest of leaves in hopes they would be happier there than on the chairs.


Day 26/365 "Checkin' the Oil"

"What are you doing Cheyenne?" 

"Oh I'm just checking the oil before we take the car for a spin around the barn"


Day 27/365 "One Little Monkey"

After helping put the laundry away, she celebrated the completion of the chore by jumping on the bed. Soon after her big sister joined in, oh, and me!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed - crown point indiana storytelling photography

Day 28/365 "Off to Work"

It is so hard to leave those adorable little faces...

See ya later mom! - Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photography
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