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Kind Words

Our family loves to live life fully.  Cherished moments pass us by rarely captured for the full depth of appreciation later because we don't have the time or skill to make sure we "catch" them.  Kortney catches them.  She sees what we don't see, she captures what we miss, and she brings it back to our view so we can relive the moment.  I had witnessed Kortney's work with the fun classroom photos she takes at school & her own family shots on Facebook. I knew I would love what she would catch with my family, but had no idea where her artistic eye would land. 

The most humbling shots in our session include a snugly photo of my husband and I after a day of real life on a Sunday in ministry, an unforgettable genuine smile of my dad playing cards with the rest of us, kitchen memories with my mom & daughter, tackle pictures of my kids and their daddy, and pet pictures that are sure to have me laugh & cry for years to come.  None of us know how long we will walk this planet and it is not easy to make decisions each day of what to do with our time, finances, etc, etc, but the moments Kortney captured for my family are irreplaceable and treasures for the future.  I thank God for Kortney and how she uses the gifts He gave her.  Worth every moment!

Rachel H.

Embrace the fun and love this family brings by viewing their gallery and video slideshow titled “An Afternoon of Laughter and Love”.

I bought our session at our fundraising auction for our school. It was a spur of the moment purchase that I thought could be kind of cool. It was the 9th school auction we attended and this session was hands down the best thing we have ever come home with. 

I had never heard of nor had any idea what documentary photography was before this. I hate getting my photo taken and I’m not very photogenic (especially when I’m posing for photos). I also tend to get stressed and extremely nervous when it comes to family photos, making sure everything is perfect. As this session approached my anxiety grew because I didn’t know what to expect. Kortney was great in helping us prepare, sending us lots of tips that helped us relax. She makes you feel comfortable and makes it easy. Since this was not a posed photo session and it was just our family in our space doing our thing, it didn’t come with the stress of having to get the “perfect” shot. It literally felt like a normal Saturday morning!

The best part is that the pictures are amazing and I even looked good. When I first saw the pictures and the video I cried! Kortney was able to capture our family doing everyday things and made them into beautiful pictures, so we can cherish those everyday moments years down the road when they become rare moments! 

I cannot wait to do this again! I want to have these types of pictures filling my house so my children and I can better cherish and remember their childhood. I can’t wait to add cousins, friends, and grandparents to the mix!

Jene L.

So many favorites from this session it was hard to pick four. Superheros, books, baking, and MORE! See their entire story “A Beautiful Saturday Morning” along with their video slideshow.

I was not sure what to expect from a storytelling session. It was different from that more "posed" photo sessions than I have experienced in the past. I enjoyed a much more stress free experience of capturing simple and precious moments of our family. We did not have to pack everyone and everything up to go and take pictures in a special location. I did not fuss with picking out the perfect outfit for the baby or my little ones. I was not worried about if the baby had been fed, or if she was cranky, or had a messy diaper. We were able to just go about the normal routine and I was able to tend to my little one's needs as Kortney went around catching little snapshots of our day.  When Kortney arrived, the children went about their daily business of playing, laughing, and making messes.  I was able to cuddle my newborn and watch my older children "ham it up" for the camera.  My husband even starting getting in on the fun while wrestling with the older children in the basement. 

The photos came out great! I am never in any of the family photos that I take, because I am always behind the camera.  It was precious to see pictures of my husband and I having those real moments interacting with our children.  It’s something that I have never been able to capture in the past.  My favorite pictures from the day were the ones that included all of my children interacting with one another.  They had so much fun showing Kortney around our house and they were very proud to show off their new baby sister.  It was very fun for the kids and the adults too.  

I would highly recommend a photo story session for any family that wants to have a fun day of just being yourself and capturing those special and unique moments with your family.  Having a newborn can be so stressful and exhausting in those first few weeks. It was easy to just relax and let things happen the way they would on any normal day.  I was amazed by what came out of just a typical morning.  I have also received many compliments from friends and family on the unique photos that we have from our session. I'm looking forward to doing it again in the future when our children are a little older to see the changes in how they’ve grown.  

Corey G.

Check out their amazing indoor bounce house and enjoy all the newborn snuggles “Introducing Fiona Mae”.

Let me start by saying that pre-Kortney, taking family pictures was a bit like pulling teeth. Let me rephrase, taking family pictures was WORSE than pulling teeth.

Years had passed since we had a decent picture of our family of four. The Littles are not fans of standing still and smiling and let's be real, my husband isn't either. Then Kortney swooped in and saved the day. She came in on a Sunday afternoon to capture all the good stuff: my daughter's makeovers, card games, random dance parties in the kitchen. All the great stuff that happens on a random day, Kortney made it special. She makes the little moments special.

My favorite moment happened at the end. All 6 of us (2 dogs included) piled on the couch for one last picture. Kortney had all 6 of us so at ease we all chilled long enough to sit still and take a picture with cheesy goofy smiles plastered on our faces. That, indeed, is quite the miracle. That is why that moment frozen in time is my absolute favorite picture. Thanks Kortney (miracle worker)!

Melissa M.

Relaxing spa time, board games, Harry Potter, and dance parties take over this beautiful At-Home Session. See their full story “A Relaxing Sunday Afternoon”.

Our journey with Kortney Fox began five years ago. She has photographed our growing family from the beginning. When our daughter Violet was born we had 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12-month posed photos taken. They are beautiful and I cherish them.

When Violet turned two we did our first story telling session. It’s the only way I will have pictures professionally taken now. Story telling photography captures life. The moments are authentic. Kortney captures actual emotions that you feel when you look at the photos time and time again. When our son Luke was born we did a “Fresh 48” session. It is my favorite story so far. Kortney captured my daughter becoming a big sister, the joy my husband felt meeting his son, and the love a family feels when they are whole. We had a holiday story session of our favorite time of year, Christmas! Kortney captured one of our favorite family activities decorating our Christmas tree. It was our tree, our ornaments, our memories, our family captured.

When Luke turned one, we had the story of our growing baby taken. Luke is wild and adventurous. He doesn’t sit still, he doesn’t smile when you ask. A “normal” photography session would not have worked for us. However, Kortney let my wild guy be himself. He laughed, danced, cried, made a mess…he was Luke! Kortney captured his personality and that’s what you see when you look back at those photos.

Most recently we had a beautiful spring story session. We played outside, walked in the flowers, and hung out by the lake. It was a normal Saturday afternoon for our family. Kortney captured us being a family, that’s what I want to see when I look at the photographs hung throughout our home. Kortney is talented, outgoing, and creative. She is kind and passionate about her craft. We are so grateful for the referral to her 5 years ago, because she has given us some of our most prized possessions. Kortney has become so much more then just a photographer to our family, she has become our friend. Storytelling photography is beautiful, it always captures my favorite story…..OURS.

Rachel & Kevin F.

This family I will forever hold dear to my heart. To see their most recent session check out “Fun at Lemon Lake”!

I wasn't familiar with storytelling photography until I met Kortney. The minute I watched one of the videos she made for another client, I was hooked! The photographs and the music all melted together so beautifully that I started to cry watching their story unfold in front of my eyes. I needed to have my next family pictures taken by Kortney.

Kortney met us at a local park and started to take pictures the minute we pulled up. She made us feel very much at ease and followed us as we played on the playground or walked the trails at the park. Most of the pictures Kortney took were just us being us - no posing, no staging. I especially loved the candid pictures of my son just being a three year old. The video received so many compliments from our family and friends. I look forward to having Kortney tell the story of our daughter's birth and our many more adventures together!

Dianna A.