Project 365 - Week 5 (April 29-May 5)

The countdown has begun! My daughter will be turning 5 in a few weeks. This is her first "school friends" birthday party, so we went with a carnival theme. Pinterest is full of fun games, activities, and decorations. It is so addicting! I keep adding more pins to my board even though I know I am maxed out on all I can do. We started making a few of the games and decorations this past week. Of course we had to test them out before hand to make sure everything was functioning properly. ;)

Day 29/365 "Fish Game"

Do you think she won a goldfish with that throw?

Day 30/365 "A Mess"

Getting another game ready for the party. Thank goodness Nana took the kids for the day or else that paint would have been everywhere!

Day 31/365 "Distractions"

With the big party coming up mommy has lots to do, so when the little one goes down for a nap, the big sisters get something fun to entertain themselves while mommy tries to get just a few more things checked off the list.


Day 32/365 "After nap snuggles"

I love how all of my littles are so snugly. My daughters had to grow into it, but my Honey Boy, he has always been. Whenever he awakens from a nap or evening slumber, he grabs his blanket and his lion for a good snuggle before he ventures off. Oh and he also likes to chew on the Wii remote sometimes. 

yummy wii remote

Day 33/365 "Distractions #2"

The girls discovered a new show on Netflix. Look at how mesmerized they are, they have even forgotten to close their mouths, so...I scurried around the corner to work on more party stuff!

distracted by a new show

Day 34/365 "The Bird and the Bottle"

Honey Boy loves to sneak off to his big sister's room, climb up the giant pile of stuffed animals and onto the bed so he can steal a drink from her water bottle and play with her talking bird toy.

Day 35/365 "Windy Bridge"

My daughter loves to crawl back and forth between my legs while I am blow-drying my hair. She tries to escape underneath the "Windy Bridge" without getting caught up in the breeze. 

watch out for the blow-dryer
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