STOP HIDING MAMA - 5 Reasons You Need To Be IN The Frame More

It happens to all of us. We see a photo opportunity about to arise, then run the other way.

We question our appearance. We worry about our weight, our hair, our makeup, our tired eyes, the list goes on for miles.

Let’s put those insecurities out of our minds for a moment.

Instead of focusing on the reasons we shouldn’t be in the frame, let’s focus on the reasons why we SHOULD.


1) You Littles want to see you

When you look back at old photographs of your parents and grandparents, what is the first thing you noticed? I bet it’s not how grey their hair is, how wrinkled their skin is, or how skinny they used to be.


How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt the dancing of life from inside your womb?
— Amethyst Joy

2) You’re not perfect, but you’re perfectly YOU

This goes back to number one. The imperfections you see in yourself are far from the minds of your little ones. Sometimes those imperfections are what they love about you the most. REMEMBER your Littles love you no matter what and want to remember YOU and all the special things that make you MOM.

Don’t make them question later on why you’re missing from all the family photos.


3) You’re more valuable than you know

Our Littles’ minds are like sponges. Every action you make or word you say gets absorbed.

As you scurry around the house doing your mom thing, they are watching you, asking to help you, trying to be JUST LIKE YOU.

You’re their role model and the highest of value to them. They’re going to want to remember every part of you and what you have done to show them how much you love them.


4) You’re a Superhero!

Did anyone ever tell you that? You are the chef, baker, cleaning lady, booboo kisser, tear wiper, taxi cab driver, event planner, secretary, mediator, boogie monster chaser, librarian, cuddle bug, and oh so much more. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do ALL THE THINGS you do. I’d say that makes you a pretty amazing superhero wouldn’t you?

Your Littles may not believe you when you tell them about your amazing powers. Let’s make sure you have proof!

There is no more noble career than motherhood at its best.
— Elizabeth Elliot

5) You’ll regret it if you don’t

Every reason or excuse that you come up with to avoid a session is just risking not having these memories for your Littles. There is no promise for tomorrow. Let’s capture these moments for THEM today.

Having a documentary session allows you to be in the frame and a part of your family’s memories. You shouldn’t stress out, hide, or make excuses. You should be a part of your family’s history.

And not just moms, but let’s show all the dads out there just how amazing they are, too! They don’t even have to change out of their favorite shirt or stop watching the game.

Dads are just ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song.
— Pam Brown

Are you ready to stop running away and be a part of your children’s memories? Head over to Sessions and Investment for more details.

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