Most days are wonderful, but the other day everyone was driving each other nuts. Even the baby was climbing on the table and “shakin’ it like a salt shaker” with the actual salt shaker.

I needed a timeout, just for a minute, to reset and breathe. Most moms know this is almost impossible, especially when you have more than one Little.

I scurried to use the bathroom and even then, the little zombies followed me as if I was the last human on earth for them to feed on.

As I sat on my husband’s Pondering Thrown, with the sounds of moans and groans on the other side of the door, I just laughed.

Maybe it’s from lack of sleep or the fumes from my unshowered body, but I kept laughing and laughing until they all stopped to ask what was so funny.

They don't understand that in times like these, when looking at the bigger picture, you've just gotta laugh at it all.

I know this phase won’t last forever. I just signed Honey Boy up for preschool for goodness sake. Next thing you know Mav Man will be next and I’ll be wishing for days like these back.

So, here is proof that it’s not always easy, a reminder that its OK to take a moment to myself, and a good chuckle for those of you out there who can totally relate

Kortney FoxComment