POP QUIZ Docu Style!

You know those Facebook quizzes that are always going around that want you to ask your children questions so you can laugh at the responses? 

I can't help but fall right into those quizzes EVERY SINGLE TIME

Sometimes the questions are silly, sometimes they ask a question in hopes to get a silly answer, but there is so much more to it than "silly".

As I continued, I started to think about more questions I would like their honest answers to and about how important the answers are to both them and me. This is as close to getting into my Littles' heads as I can get.

What do they think of me? What do I mean to them? What is important to them? 

So I decided to come up with a series of meaningful questions for moms to be able to ask their babies. Their answers will be surprising, never what you think they will say, but always HONEST and with all their LOVE behind it.

Now I'm on a mission and I'm taking you along with me!

How many do you have photographs of? All? None? Half? It’s important to remember all of these little everyday details that are so important to our children.


After I ran through the questions with my Littles, there was something that was bothering me... half of these answers I have never taken photographs of! If this is how they see me, shouldn't there be something for them to look back on to remember what was so important to them about their mama?

It may seem like nothing to you, but to them it is EVERYTHING

Let's get out there and start getting in the frame. Let's give our children something emotionally valuable that will be cherished for a lifetime! 

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