It's More Than Just ONE Story

Not all photos are created equal. Sounds crazy I know, but just think...

Think about the last time you sat down to look through old family albums. What usually happens while you are skimming over photo after photo after photo? Something jumps out at you.

You find that ONE photo. 

The one that makes your heart sing with happiness.

The one that brings back ALL of the memories.

The one that starts out as a short story, but turns into a two hour novel about that period in your life.

Sure, there are many photos that are fun to look at. There are many that make you say “oh that was sooooo Mom”. There are many that will make you laugh. There are many that will make you cry, but in each album


This is a photo of my dad with my son Weston...


Ever since I took this image, it’s been one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES

When my husband looks at it he says “Yeah, it’s a nice picture but...” because he doesn’t get the same feeling from it as I do, and that is completely OK.

He is not supposed to.

Is somebody having a birthday? No. Was there something exciting happening here? Nope. Did my dad help my son with accomplishing some sort of milestone? Nuh uh. Were they laughing and giggling and playing? Not at all.

They were just enjoying each others company.

Now you may wonder why this photo is such a favorite of mine.

You may not see it, but...

My dad is a carpenter. No no, not just a carpenter. HE IS AN ARTIST WITH WOOD. The amazing things he can accomplish with his hands and a few select tools is astounding. 

So let me ask you this: 

Did you see that pencil behind his ear? That notebook under his legs? The sawdust in his hair?

I’m sure you probably just scrolled back to the photo to make sure I didn’t make it up.

The content smile on his face, the relaxed position in the chair, my son pleasantly chewing on the cell phone that played his favorite music, all these details may not seem like much to you. 

For me, they mean everything.

My mind becomes overwhelmed with stories about my “Papa” when I was young and now my children with their “Poppi”. 

This ONE PHOTO is going to lead to my son spending hours talking to his children about how awesome his Poppi is, all the fun times they’ve had together, all of the skills he taught him and the lessons he's learned from him.

So to my husband who looks at it and doesn’t see anything exciting, to me it means the world because

It’s more than just ONE Story.

With each storytelling session, my goal is to come away with at least ONE of those images for you. The ONE image that years from now will bring back more than ONE story from that day, that month, that year in your life.

If you read this post and are thinking “Oh man! I can totally relate. I have a picture of me with (insert special someone here) that always surfaces a ton of stories” PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME

Head to the comments below and tell me a story or two. You could even shoot me an email or share the image to the KFox Photography Facebook Page. I’d love to see what photo lights up your memories.