A Wednesday with the Fox Crew

One beautiful fall day back in 2015, I decided to photograph my family for the ENTIRE day. I loved it so much that I have now made it an annual tradition. As I pondered on what day I wanted to photograph this year, it hit me. Wednesday. Wednesday? YES! Why you ask? Let me tell you.

Every Wednesday, I spend the morning getting my oldest ready for school, enjoying a cup of tea while the other littles play, and multitasking while the fresh new baby sleeps in my arms. We head outside to care for our chicken ladies and play with our new kittens (Jerry and Elton) along the way. On this particular Wednesday, my brother was in town, so that was an added bonus!

My dad, their Poppi, comes in to watch the boys while I get my younger daughter off to school. As we drive along, she requests the same song over and over all the way there. Once she is dropped off I head over to the barn to ride for the first time since I was pregnant with my first. It's been 7 years!!

After school, we head home for one of Poppi's special ice cream treats, then it's back outside to play before we are called in for dinner. We always look forward to Poppi's Wednesday dinners. Soon after, it's time for a bath, some couch wrestling, and even a surprise visit from Nana!

Though this may be an ordinary day to someone else, it is an extraordinary day for me that I never want to forget. 

Kortney FoxComment