Project 365 - Week 23 (September 2-8)

Some exciting creatures kept me company in the hay field this week. The first friend was a coyote that decided to follow me around in the tractor all morning until a random neighbor dog tried to chase him off. After that he sat on the other side of the horse fence watching me. Apparently, the last time I was in that field with my skidloader, he came right up to me and watched me load and chain up my giant machine. I had no idea he was even there as I had my headphones in the entire time just jammin' out. The owner of the field told us about it later. Needless to say, I no longer wear my headphone outside of the equipment. Good thing that coyote wasn't hungry!

Day 155/365 "A New Friend"

Such inquisitive little critters those coyotes!

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 156/365 "Celebrate!"

Sometimes you just have to be brave and take that leap. I did today!


Day 157/365 "STAY!"

Apparently the horses needed to be tied up because they kept running away! At least they left them some delicious carrots.


Day 158/365 "The Rubber Band"

Pappi eats the same stuff for lunch A salad with broccoli and cauliflower. The rubber bands off of the veggies are then saved and used to keep Honey Boy out of the cabinets. Those fancy child locks have nothin' on our rubber bands. 

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 159/365 "Current Muse"

Today he decided that the xylophone would be his go-to toy of the day. It is a sound you can only take so much of...


Day 160/365 "Another Field Friend"

I have never seen so many grasshoppers and crickets in my life as I have this year. I watch them abandon ship as I grab the hay sets to sit on the trailer just jumping off left and right. This guy decided to stay and hang out for a bit instead.

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 161/365 "Big Boy"

Weston decided that he should sit at the big table with the rest of us. That didn't last very long though. He was back in his highchair by dinner.

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer
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