Sticky Hands, Messy House, Lovin' Real Life

So I walked out of my son's room the other day and found these. The marks of a sticky handed bandit running through the halls of the house. When I first glanced down at them I did not get mad. I did not even get a little bit frustrated. I laughed. Then I laughed some more. I didn't even go running to grab the cleaner right away, I ran and grabbed my camera. Some of you make think I am crazy for this, which is fine, we are all a little bit crazy aren't we? 

I did ask myself the usual questions a mother would ask though like "How did those get there?" "Who's hands are these?" "What was on those hands?" and "How long have they been there for and I just noticed them today!?!" You know, those kinds of questions. 

In the end, the answers to those questions really didn't matter because in my mind I was only thinking one thing...there is only a short time in my life that I will be cleaning these tiny little hand prints off of these walls, I might as well embrace it. That is the reason I documented this moment. One day my littles will no longer be little, there will be no more toys to pick up off the floor, sippy cups of milk to discover under the couch a week later (groooossssss), or sticky hand prints to wipe off the walls. I am embracing every bit of this motherhood journey and documenting every step along the way.

See, you don't have to have a spotless house, "real" clothes on, the perfect hair day, or perfect children. You just need to be YOU. Real life is amazing, messy, beautiful, crazy, unpredictable, and breathtaking. Embrace it. Own it. Capture it. Your real life needs to be remembered.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography
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