Project 365 - Week 11 (June 10-16)

Consistent sunny weather is such a grand thing, isn't it? Summer just seems to be starting later and ending earlier around here. As much as I love the snow, I need my summer! I love being outside, feeling the sun on my face, the warm breeze in my hair, and watching the littles run around exploring the great outdoors. I get so excited about summer that I try to do as many fun activities as I can because I know how quickly it will go by. Next thing I know the leaves will be changing and that warm summer breeze will turn into cool fall air. We really managed to cram a ton of activities in this week like going to the lake, a friend's wedding, barbecuing, and some more hay fun. It is amazing how fast the week has gone, but when you have so many things that you are doing, it's no surprise. 

Day 71/365 "Summer Fun"

It is not often that we get a nice day that we aren't making hay on, so when we do we take advantage of it. Check out our trip To The Lake!

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 72/365 "Shoes"

I love weddings. Mainly because I love a good excuse to get dressed up all fancy. Being a farm girl it does not happen very often so I take advantage of the chance when I do. These shoes are covered in sparkles and are probably the most comfortable high heels that I own. I can't wait until the next special event to wear them again!

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 73/365 "Faces"

This dog has so many funny expressions! No he does not have a bad taste in his mouth, no he did not just eat a lemon, he is just happy.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 74/365 "Proud"

My Honey Boy is 15 months and is constantly impressing me every day with his amazing skills and understanding of the world. Today he picked up this truck and started making vrooming noises while driving it all across the rocks and sidewalk. 


Day 75/365 "How About Now?"

Lyla was anxiously awaiting the steak that daddy was cooking on the charcoal grill. "Is it done NOW?" she kept asking. All of the children are obsessed with, as they call it, "brown meat". 

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

76/365 "TALL!"

This is one of the most beautiful hay fields that we get to farm. The owner does an amazing job of fertilizing and reseeding her field. The hay always grows sky high and smells wonderful when it's baled.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

77/365 "Drip Drip"

After I watered these beauties, the water droplets kept slowly trickling off of this purple flower.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography
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