Project 365 - Week 9 (May 27-June 2)

We started the summer off introducing a new member to our family. Most of this week was spent getting to know him and showing him how we do things around our farm. I think he is going to fit in quite well. He is already best friends with little miss Lyla. I can't wait to see how the rest of the summer is going to be with him!

Day 56/365 "Waiting"

She was so excited to meet the new arrival. She sat on the slide watching patiently for daddy's truck to come driving down the road. Check out all the details on the arrival of our Newest Family Member!


Day 58/365 "Chillin'"

Honey Boy enjoying some quality time with his Pappi

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 59/365 "Morning Parade"

Our usual stroll around the barn.

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 60/365 "Studying"

Observing the property and establishing his boundaries.

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 61/365 "Animated"

Oh the faces this dog makes! What a handsome cutie.


Day 62/365 "Freckles"

I was sitting on the porch spending some quality time with my dog "Mac". He is still trying to adapt to our new four-legged friend, so I thought a few quiet moments alone would be nice. It was then I realized I did not take my picture for the day yet! I had noticed earlier how prominent my freckles have become this summer. I wanted to capture them before they fade over the winter months.

Crown Point Indiana Storytelling Photographer

Day 63/365 "Ahhhhh"

Even though you are three years old and too big to go in the baby swing, you do it anyway, kicking back and relaxing while mommy pushes you.

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