Project 365 - Week 7 (May 13-19)

What a busy week! Not only did we have the big party, but there was also a school field trip and a trip to the Roselawn field. The party was a success, but it seemed to take a lot out of the birthday girl. Most of the week she just wanted to spend her time quietly resting. Honey Boy didn't seem to be affected by the chaos. He was having way too much fun attacking the leftover balloons! 

Day 43/365 "School Trip"

I can't believe my oldest is almost done with Preschool! With the final week approaching, the children got to go to on a field trip to Lemon Lake. Their day was packed full of fun activities like a scavenger hunt nature walk around the lake, a fun book to all read together, and playing on the playground.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 44/365 "THE BIG DAY"

The carnival party is finally here! Sadly it was freezing cold and windy, but that didn't stop the kids from having a fun time. I was running around like crazy I barely got any pictures (thank goodness for Nana and her camera). Glad I captured this one though!

Day 45/365 "Exhausted"

After yesterday's busy party, someone was a little sleepy today. What better way to relax than in mommy and daddy's bed with your favorite show and your favorite cat.


Day 45/365 "Still Exhausted"

We went to visit daddy in the hay field. While we were talking, I looked over and saw Cheyenne like this...

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 47/365 "Leftovers"

So the rest of the balloons from the party stayed blown up pretty well. They didn't survive long though, Honey Boy is the King of Balloon Popping!

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 48/365 "Presents"

Looks like someone finally awoke from her after party slumber. Today she opened up her Ariel Lego present and did an excellent job putting it all together.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 49/365 "I see you!"

Let's turn our attention over to this cutie now! After every bath she asks me to wrap her up and snuggle her on my lap. She will then look up at the skylight and try to find our reflection then make silly faces. 

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography
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