Project 365 - Week 6 (May 6-12)

We are finally getting the chance to go outside for some fresh air. Northwest Indiana has wacky, unpredictable weather. This year it has decided to give us one nice, warm day then throw three days of rain and just above freezing temps. The littles get so excited to play outside, then we have to adapt to being indoors once again for a few days. This past week has teased us once again. We caved in to the rain and ended up dancing in it!

Day 36/365 "Belly Button"

He is at the stage where he randomly lifts his shirt and discovers his belly button. It is always exciting every time it is rediscovered!

Day 37/365 "Ticklish Spot"

So he "tackled me" onto the ottoman and when I retaliated with a tickle, I found his most ticklish spot EVER! We were having so much fun I just couldn't choose between one image.

Day 38/365 "Mother's Day"

I came home from the clinic and discovered these beautiful gifts for me! Of course I shared the chocolates with the littles!

Crown Point, Indiana storytelling photographer

Day 39/365 "Daddy's Little Helper"

Time to clean up and organize the shop! Check out all the littles helping daddy organize here.

Crown Point, IN storytelling photography

Day 40/365 "Dancing in the Rain"

Another day of rain. Sometimes you just have to go outside and enjoy it...the littles sure did!

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photographer
Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography
Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 41/365 "Little Helper"

The rain stopped, the porch is dry, now it's time to sweep off all of the buds that have fallen from the trees.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography

Day 42/365 "Taste Tester"

Trying out a test batch of Cotton Candy Punch before the big party on Saturday.

Crown Point Indiana storytelling photography
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