Project 365 - Week 3 (April 15-21)

Warmer weather has finally graced us with her presence! When that scent of spring air hits my nose for the first time of the season, I get some sort of energy jolt and can't seem to contain myself. I will hop and skip across the property like a crazy person while cleaning up the yard and getting ready to decorate my porch. Though I love to see the tulips and daffodils popping up, the robins flying around collecting hay for their nests, and mowers out taking their first pass across the lawn, they are not the main reason behind my excitement... the count down to hay season has officially begun! I have never been so ready to hop in the skid loader and buzz around those hay fields. Time to head to the old fields to observe growth and the new fields to prepare them for planting! 

Day 15/365 "Look Out"

After Daddy quickly ate his lunch, someone decided she wasn't quite ready to head back home yet, so she sat and watched from afar while he continued on his path up and down the field.

Day 16/365 "Quiet Snuggles"

Every night after I tuck my daughter in to bed, she requests "quiet snuggles" to help her wind down from the excitement of the day. I know these moments won't last forever so I soak them up whenever I can.

Day 17/365 "Inner Child"

I love how having children allows me to do all those fun kid things without the strange looks! Weeee!

Day 18/365 "Airplane"

Open wide cuz here it comes! These two are just great buddies. Big sister is always looking out for her little Honey Boy.

Day 19/365 "The Hat"

My younger daughter loves hats, but when it comes down to it, this is her most favorite one of all. Last summer it never left her head. At least this year she is giving it a well deserved break a few times a week.

Day 20/365 "Spring"

Don't you just love springtime? Seeing tulips and daffodils emerging from their long winter slumber, the budding trees, the smell of fresh cut grass, and MUD! Of course she found one small section of mud and just had to twist her feet around in there.

Day 21/365 "Phases"

This image means so much to me. My little Honey Boy is growing up. Soon he will be standing up tall looking down at me, not sitting on the floor looking up. Like his sisters before him, when his exploring first began, his obsession was trying to get to that toilet water...yuk! Shortly after that it was the dog water bowl.

Now, he does not dart for the bathroom door when he sees it open. He doesn't play with the dog water anymore. He has learned that you are not allowed on the top of a table (though he sometimes forgets this rule). He has moved on to better things. The next phase after table dancer, is toothbrush thief.