Project 365 - Week 1 (April 1-7)

The first three months of this year have already flown by. Being so involved in the business part of KFox Photography, I slightly lost my connection with my camera and missed capturing important moments of my littles. I completed taking a photograph every single day for an entire year on December 31, 2015. As badly as I wanted to keep going, I knew that there were many other important things that were going to consume my attention during the down time of the winter months. After I saw this sunset on the Fools day of April, I just knew it was no joking matter and time to being another Project 365! 

Day 1/365 "The Race"

My heart began beating wildly as I peered out the window, seeing the rich pinks and purples trying to escape through the rolling blue clouds in the sky. I needed to grab my camera quickly before the colors disappeared and the moment of opportunity passed.

Day 2/365 "Exhaustion"

After a long afternoon at Nana's, only one managed to make the trip home without the need of a power-nap.

Day 3/365 "Nuture"

The Easter Bunny brought plants for the littles to grow. Not once have they needed reminding to water and care for their quickly sprouting seedlings.

Day 4/365 "Slow Down'

It's every little girls dream to one day fit in her mommy's fancy high-heeled shoes. One day, little one, but please not today...

Day 5/365 "Peace"

Sometimes you just need to take a moment to enjoy the comfort of your Pappi's lap.

Day 6/365 "Solitude"

With the siblings tucked away in bed, she is enjoying looking through a family photobook in peace.

Day 7/365 "Beauty"

Two images for the day because one is no more beautiful than the other.

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